Best Homestay in Dehradun

Nestled in the heart of the valley The Palatial Home is one of the best stay you can find in Dehradun, talking about the stay it’s located in the middle of the city situated in Dalanwala near the well-known international Welham Girl School. The Palatial home is a stay designed to offer the comfort they need and is one of the best homestays in Dehradun. The Palatial home has many more things to offer from types of equipment like a fully automatic washing machine to parking space provided by the homestay.

There are many rooms provided in the stay from your bedroom to the kitchen, to the living room and dining rooms apart from these there is a gallery offered where you can chill and sit with your loved ones getting a view of the city as well. From the heart of the valley, you can access most of the places you wish to visit in Dehradun.  The stay has much more types of equipment to provide the guests from geysers to 100 Mbps fiber optic WI-FI to a fully equipped modern kitchen with RO, mixer, grinder, Broiler, microwave, Cutlery, Toaster Oven, Acceptance, Utensils, Cooler, Bosch Clothes Washer Hob, and smoke chimney. A smart TV is installed for the guests to binge-watch their favorite shows on the top OTT platforms enjoying and chilling with their loved ones. The homestay has access to every place you want to visit in Dehradun. The homestay offers you a good space for parking equipped with CCTV cameras to keep the property secure and safe. There is staff accommodated in the building so the service can be easy for the guests keeping them satisfied with any kind of service.  There are first aid and medical kits provided in every stay just in case our guest requires any of them. The Palatial Homes is more than a homestay and guests come to the stay not just for a stay but to relax and rejuvenate in the times they are in the property with fresh green trees and its shade giving you a perfect feeling of the blissful and amazing feeling of calm and positive vibes being the best homestay in Dehradun.  The stay offers a wardrobe and things like an electric kettle, study tables, books, and a couch for the leisure times so you can sit and chill in your leisure time. The homestay has much more to offer apart from settling in the middle of the valley and amazing green trees the supply of electricity is available 24/7 and the elevators r installed for the guest which makes it easy for guests to move in and out of their stay. There is a library for the guests with enough books and board games you can never get bored while e in the Palatial homes. There is an assured amount of supply of toiletries and bedsheets and towels, apart from these there is a hair dryer available in the bathroom, keeping you fulfilled in every aspect we have installed geysers for the guest with a holding capacity of more than 35 liters so unlimited supply of water and electricity. The kitchen is equipped with most of the gadgets we shared there are an e assured amount of utensils you can use to prepare your food. Don’t want to cook? you can browse through different restaurants online on platforms like Swiggy and Zomato which have lasted more than 500 restaurants in the city.  The Palatial home has so much to offer in a form of a stay or home you can say cause you can access almost most of the things that you require. The generator installed in the home is for a 24/7 power supply, so electricity should never be a reason for any kind of inconvenience to our guests, making it the best homestay in Dehradun.

The Palatial home has some truths that are general for security purposes and guests who are booking for a stay can read all of them on the website itself. The Palatial home with so much to offer and makes sure to take care of the guests who choose us to be their stay and take care of them and their loved ones, installed CCTV cameras take care of the property and your vehicle, and your stay. The palatial home is the top homestay in Dehradun which is designed for our guests to experience the best in class luxurious and amazing stay for the tourists traveling to Dehradun. We are to provide you with the comfort you need and the equipment and all requirements you need when you’re on your stay. The stay is not just a place to sleep here we provide most of the things you need or comes in handy for you, not just the library, books, and games, but the atmosphere that the place has to offer when you reach the garden on the shade of trees covering surrounds the property for the fresh breeze coming in and out of the stay. The place is for relaxing, chill open up the peace of our mind, rejuvenating the mind, body, and soul by meditating or just hanging out in the gallery that is provided with your stay you can have a great view of the city sipping up your coffee and drinks having a chill time with your loved ones making it one of the best homestay in Dehradun. you can book your stay online through our website which gives you an overview of the stay which makes it more convenient for you to understand have a look at the property read the truths and regulations and facilities the stay provides apart from being a dream stay of many travelers. The Palatial home has wowed the guests who have been here, providing them the comfort and a stay to remember which gives them an opportunity to keep visiting the valley for such a rejuvenating experience in every aspect making it the Top homestay in Dehradun. The homestay will be one of the best in class luxurious and extra comfort experiences a home-like feeling for every guest. The Palatial home can be your best in class and a stay to remember.

The people who are tired of the chaos of the city and want to explore the valley stay in the heart of the city where every place is accessible so that they can reach the most places in the nearby areas of the valley you can reach your destination and come back to their stay cause being available on the maps it makes it easy for your cabs, and food drivers to reach your necessities on time. The Home is designed wheelchair friendly so that every human who comes in the stay should never get any kind of discomfort in any aspect. The Palatial home is meant to be an experience for every traveler who travels to the valley and reflects the term Homestay and gives them the feeling of home in every aspect giving them the best comfort, luxury, and a stay to remember for every guest and staying up to the mark for every guest and let them experience the best homestay in Dehradun.

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